Sunday, January 31, 2010

Once upon a time...

Okay so I think a good place to start this out would be by telling a little about Taylor and I. I grew up in Bluffdale and Taylor is from South Jordan. I went to Riverton High and then on to Snow College to get my degree in Photography. Taylor went to Bingham and then did some flight school.
While I was going to Snow, a friend introduced Tay and I while we were all in St. George for Spring Break. We didn't hit it off right at first, but once we, well I, decided we were officially dating, the rest is history...

We got engaged September 14, 2007 after a nice dinner at The Roof Restaurant. We were just sitting by the big window looking at the temple and Taylor told me he wanted me to be the one he goes there with. I was completely surprised! He did good.

We were married January 5, 2008 in the Salt Lake Temple. It was definately the best day of our lives. The day was a little crazy because our recommends, marriage license, and temple clothes were left a car back home. My father-in-law had to rush home in a blizzard to get them. This postponed the ceremony, but it worked out for the best because it was snowing so hard right up until we went outside for pictures. The timing was perfect and the pictures turned out great.

We went on our honeymoon on a cruise to the Bahamas. We stopped at Nassau, Cocoa Cay, and Key West. Nassau we did a little Stingray Encounter. We got to feed them and play with them in a little cove. It was super fun. Tay had a little scare when he lost his wedding ring in the sand on the beach. (This is why we don't have nice things...jk) But by some miracle, we found it!!

At Cocoa Cay we just hung out on the beach all day. There were hammocks we relaxed in and beautiful, clear water we played in.

Key West is where we rented a little moped and cruised around the island. (Big difference from Tay's motorcycle!) Our bums were sore by the afternoon, but it was so fun! We stopped at this cute little place and had official Key Lime Pie. It was delicious!

After the honeymoon, we started real life. We rented out a basement apartment in my grandma's house. It was a great starter place and close to both of our families. Fast forward to last November, we bought a brand new townhome in South Jordan. We are loving it!

Tay is now working at T-Mobile as a manager at the Southtowne kiosk. He works hard and does an awesome job. I just started working for a family practice doctor and am loving it. We're just enjoying being married right now and playing as much as we can!! (Sorry this is such a long post, just had to catch up to real life) So there's a little history on us, hopefully I can keep up with our crazy lives!! :o)