Monday, March 22, 2010

Burgers, Birthdays, and Puppies!

This past weekend slash week was so fun. Thursday Tay and my dad took off for a little boys trip down to St. George. So I met my mom and sisters and we took the Japanese students to In-n-Out. They kept telling us how they liked hamburgers so they were literally in heaven when we walked in. They were so happy! Lol.

Friday night was my friend Jacquie's birthday so all the girls went to Texas Roadhouse for her dinner. We had a blast as always and got all hyped up on Diet always. :o)

I love these girls!!

Then came Saturday. I helped my friend Char from work move into her new apartment. (since I had to drive Tay's beast truck around cuz they took my car to St. George)
Then I met Janessa at Mika's house and we babysat/played with Auzzie their new puppy!! He's the cutest thing in the whole world. I've been wanting a puppy for literally EVER. I'm just waiting on the okay from my husband, but it's getting pretty hard. I'm not the most patient person. But playing with Auzzie is fun and will help my puppy-parenting skills. Lol.

He's the cutest shih tzu ever!! I love watching him waddle around with his toys as big as him! And he hops like a little bunny. Puppies have so much personality and are so fun to watch. I can't wait till we get one and they can play!

Happy (Late) St. Patties!

Okay, so I've been slacking a little with the blogging, and will try to catch up. Last week was one of my favorite holidays. The morning started off great with a breakfast with my work. An old folks home that we refer patients to was saying thank you so they fed us green pancakes! It was so fun!

After work I had a dentist appt. Yuck. Buuuuutt... I had NO cavities!! First time in a long time. So I was pretty happy about that. Straight from the dentist, my brother and I went to the airport to pick up 2 Japanese exchange students that are staying with my parents for 10 days. That was quite an adventure. They know some english, but not much. Lol.
That night my dad wanted to take them to the Mayan. The food isn't the best, but the atomesphere would be fun for them. Which it was. He kept telling them they were next to cliff dive and I think they really believed him for a second. Haha.

It was a fun day, being with family and the new visitors. Always have good times!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

8 Tag

8 favorite places to eat
-Training Table
-Chef Tom's
-Texas Roadhouse
-Itallian Village
-Taco Time (kinda sick I know)

8 things on my wish list
-A Puppy!!
-Being completely out of debt
-Not having to work out to lose weight
-Go to Hawaii and New York
-A big house with a big yard (Even though I know we just bought one)
-To be super tan all the time
-My family continues to be healthy and happy
-Tay's work to never stress him out ever again

8 things I did yesterday
-Went to the airport to pick up my parents Japanese students
-Walked to 7eleven at lunch and bought a cupcake :o)
-Went to dinner at the Mayan with my dad, brother, and the Japanese girls
-Looked at my sister's cute pictures from their dance
-Played with my doggy, Jazzmin
-Went to my dentist appt and had NO cavities!!
-Posted pics on Facebook of our girls night
-Enjoyed my last night with my hubby for a few days. (He's leavin for St. George today)

8 things I am looking forward to
-Ordering tile (Then we get to get a puppy!)
-Tomorrow's Friday! And girls night!
-Lake Powell trip with our friends in August
-Losing weight (Hopefully...)
-Wearing shorts again
-My birthday
-Retirement, lol
-Snuggling with Tay when he gets back

8 TV shows that I watch
-The Hills, it's so stupid now but I can't stop
-American Idol
-Keeping up with the Kardashians (Even more embarrassing!)
-Chelsea Lately
-E! News
-The Bachelor

8 Things I love
-My Taylor
-Bubble baths
-Anything yellow
-All animals
-My friends and family
-My faith

8 Things that bug me
-Bad drivers
-Cold food
-Golds gym commercials
-Guys that yell at girls in public
-How "normal" divorce is for everyone these days
-Being late
-Messy house

Friday, March 12, 2010

Simple minds . . . Simple pleasures

Last week Tay got a new toy. He's been begging for one for so long! Back when we had 3 weeks of nonstop sick at our house, he was curled up on the couch in a little ball, with tissues, vapor rub, medicine, and the humidifier. Between coughs and sneezes he whispered, "Do you know what would make me feel better?" I softly and so sincerely asked, "what?" Thinking he was gonna say a back scratch or a foot massage, he smiled and said, "a MacBook Pro."

So finally I gave in and we went up to Gateway and got him a shiny new computer. He loves it! Last Sunday we were at my parents just playing on it with my little sisters. Well there's a program with the webcam that has all these cool features.

Like a comic book:

Or the Eifel Tower:

Or on a roller coaster:

Then the funniest ones stretch your face and do mirror images and stuff. Here's some of the ones I liked. (Yes, in case you can't tell, we had WAY too much fun with this!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Girl's Night with Alice

This past weekend was such a blast! We spent the entire time hanging out with great fiends and family. Friday night was our FRIENDS marathon with Jason and Mika. Saturday night was the always wonderful Girls Night. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

First we had dinner at Red Robin. Well, if by dinner, you mean french fries and Diet coke, then yes, dinner was good. (Although Kenny could've kept 'em coming just a little faster. It's ok Kenny, you're forgiven.)

After dinner we had to go stock up on candy. (As if I hadn't already eaten enough this weekend) We were so hyper!! (Guess it was all the Diet Coke) This was us, BEFORE all the sugar high:

We snuck all our treasures into the movie theatre where we saw Alice in Wonderland.

It was such a fun show and we all had a blast. Thanks so much girls for making me laugh so hard! I love ya tons!!

We finished the weekend out by spending Sunday with our families. First Tay and I slept in and he took me to Village Inn for a yummy breakfast. Then we hung out with my family, then went to his for dinner. That night, Tay had a work meeting, so since Mika and Janessa's hubbies are T-Mobile buddies too, we decided we hadn't had enough girl time together, so we continued our FRIENDS night. And finished, yes finished, the candy we bought.
This weekend was so fun and I am so thankful for all my family and friends that surround me. I'm so lucky and don't say it enough. But thanks so much guys, I love you all!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good friends . . . good times!

This past week has been really good. We are finally all feeling better and up and moving around. Feels good to get off that damn couch, I gotta say! We spent a lot of time catching up with our friends, Jason and Mika. I seriously love those two! Every time we get together we all end up laughing so hard till it hurts! Thursday night we met them for some yummy mexican food at our favorite, Morelia's. (Seriously, best fajitas in the world!) Afterwords we went back to their place and just hung out. The boys played Wii, while Mika and I just talked and goofed off.
Now Mika had just been sick too, and was still a little plugged up. Well I had to tell her about this little miracle Tay and I stumbled upon just a week ago.


If you haven't seen it on TV, you're missing out! It's this awesome little teapot you fill with a saline salt and lukewarm water. You hold it up to your nose and pour. It sounds gross, but it really works wonders! The water goes up one side, up into your sinus' and all that, and out the other. It completely flushes ya out.
So I was telling Mika about this little guy, and how she HAD to try it! So her and I headed off to Walmart. (Of course we had to sit in the aisle for a sec and catch up on the Bachelor gossip that was all over the tabloids too!) We got back to their place and set it all up. Mika was so nervous, she'd never seen the thing before. I really wish at this point I had pulled out my camera. It was soooo hilarious! All of us were crowded around in the bathroom. I'm trying to calm her down, she was having anxiety. Jason and Taylor are laughing and giggling. She'd finally get up the nerve to do it, and the little gurgling sounds would make the boys laugh and I'd start laughing, and then Mika would snort it all back out. Haha. What a process.
Needless to say, she finally did it, and now she is breathing good as new! Thank you Neti pot.

Well in the midst of all the Neti pot nonsense, we got talking about my favorite show, FRIENDS!

We were quoting it and laughing all night. We decided we should have a marathon and watch as many as we could. How about tomorrow? Okay! :o)

So yesterday, I raced home from work. We met at my place. Then we had to go get food. What's a party with no food? We ordered 2 LARGE pizzas and like 20 breadsticks for the four of us. (Really not sure WHAT we were thinking...) Next stop, Harmons. We literally bought just about every kind of candy you could think of. We were having so much fun running through the store with armloads of candy, sliding with our slippery shoes. Then we saw the Easter aisle. WELL, that changed everything! There was a whole new selection to choose from!

After we had finally decided, we rushed back to my house to start the show. From about 7:00 to almost midnight, all that could be heard was the laughter and quoting of us, and the occasional wrapper of someone busting open a new treat.
Every time we see those two, it's a new adventure. Thanks for being such great friends, we love you guys!!