Sunday, October 31, 2010

CRUISE time!

Our cruise was a TOTAL blast! Seriously, probably the most fun vacation we've ever been on. We use the excuse that it was our best friends' 1 year anniversary so we needed a fun place to go. Our stops were planned to be Grand Cayman, Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel. Key word. Were.
Well.....thanks to hurricane Paula, we re-routed to Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. It turned out all good though, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. We had perfect weather and had we gone with the original plan, we would've had rain everyday, because we were chasing the tail end of the storm.
It's hard to sum up the whole week in just one post. There were so many laughs, I almost peed myself on SEVERAL occasions. Lots of great memories, and it was just so nice being away from everything and spending time with my lover. (And no cell service. No work emails. YAAAAAY!)
Well because I have literally, like 900 pictures, I'm going to try to keep this somewhat summarized.

First day was at sea. Here's a few things we did:
Of course, lay out! Ipods, oil, magazines, fruity drinks. Check, check.

Ate. A LOT! This whole trip. Just a little idea of how our lunches looked.

Got all dressed up and had fun dinners.

Day 2 was Grand Cayman. We signed up to do Sting Ray City with Captain Marvin. It was so awesome!

We met Captain Marvin himself. He's 94! Cute old guy.

Held the sting rays and got a back massage from them.

Fed them dead squid! Yum!

Seven years of good luck for whoever kisses a sting ray. Woowoo!

After Sting ray city, we snorkled in the Barrier Reef. It was so pretty!

I don't listen very well. They told us to not touch the fire coral. Whoopsie. I got stung.

Next stop was Jamaica. Very pretty, but very rude people. And they're dirty. It's fun to see once, but I wouldn't reccomend spending more than a day there.

Mika getting 3 braids. By force. "Sexy lady, I only charge you 15 dolla, since you didn't want the hair braid."

Our cab driver showed us the "back way" to Dunn's River Falls where we could take a picture for free. Turns out it was through a hole in the fence and he had to climb up into a tree to take a picture of other people. Lol. Serious?? This was moments before we witnessed the drug deal go down.

Last stop was Nassau in the Bahamas. This was all of our favorites! We did some shopping and then found a beach to play at. Mika and I laid out while the boys played in the ocean. It was so nice and SOOO pretty!

The rest of my pictures are kind of out of order. Just some random things we did while on the ship and what not.

This was the best dessert ever! Chocolate cake that is melted underneath. A little of that with some vanilla ice cream, oh man. I want some right now!

How much does my husband love me? Hmmm, he bought me TWO Juicy bags! I fell in love with the first and bought it. Then I saw the second and loved it too! He's like, "You're never gonna get this good of a deal on it. Just get it." Awwww. I'm so glad now that I did. I've already switched between them three times.