Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friends weekends!

Two things I love in this world.
Put them together and that is my ideal weekend.

Fun night at the Mayan. (Food is awful BTW. We had a blast, but oh my. I think better tacos come out of the back of vans....)

The next weekend we celebrated Jacquie's birthday with all the girls. We started the night off with Red Robin and their fabulous fries. (I think I gain 4 pounds everytime I eat there!)

Just gotta say, my friends are all SO goregous. I love them all to death, and they are so beautiful, inside and out!

Smile like a doughnut!! :O

Afterwards, we went and saw the movie, Hallpass. It was pretty lame, I wouldn't really reccommend it. But of course being the goofy girls we are, we made it fun. Love my girls!

Happy birthday Jack! You are such a fabulous friend, and I'm so happy to have you in my life!

Vegas Anyone?

So towards the end of February, (actually I think it was over President's day...) we discovered Tay actually had a weekend off! We decided it would be spontaneous and fun to just randomly drive to Vegas with my sisters. I love last minute trips like that, they are always the best. We left on a Saturday afternoon and went to St. George that night. Grandma and grandpa live there, so we were able to visit and stay with them, and of course we had to hit up the Pizza Factory!

Sunday morning we drove the rest of the way into Sin City. We kinda just hung out and did whatever we wanted. (Best part of random trips!) We checked out some of the hotels and took the girls on the New York roller coaster.

That night we headed over to Old Vegas and Freemont Street. Tay had never been there, and the light show is super cool! Plus it's another excuse to shop. :) We had a blast, there was so much to see!

Monday morning we got up and went to the outlet shops. They have the best stores and we spoiled the girls a little bit. :) Afterwards, we wanted to go to the pawn shop from the show Pawn Stars. Tay got me hooked on that show, and we watch it every week. We love all the guys on it and were hoping they would be there. Of course, they weren't. But it was still cool to go through and see some of the stuff we've seen on the episodes.

That afternoon we headed back home. It was a quick trip, but we had fun. It was nice spending time with the girls and being able to just do whatever we want. I love that my little sisters will still give up a weekend of football games, parties, and friends, to come hang out with their sister and brother-in-law. I know it's not cool at their age, and the fact that I can be the 'fun big sis' that they can talk to, means the world to me. Love you guys! xo


Okay, now don't judge. I know Ke$ha is trashy, but I love her music. I can't help but blast every song of hers on the radio. So when we found out she was coming to concert, we knew we had to go. When I say we, I mean my brother and I. He has a major crush on her, and though I did invite Taylor, he said heck no. Not his thing. :)
So one of these days while jamming to Ke$ha on the radio, I hear that the radio station is giving away tickets. Well unfortunately for me, I suck at calling into radio stations and can NEVER get through. But, luckily I have an office manager who has the best luck in radio history. :) Long story short, and after many, many redials.....we won!
I ended up taking Danielle with the other ticket, so the night of the concert, her, Cody and I drove up together. I don't know how to describe how crowded it was, but if you can picture a high school gym, and try to fit then entire contents of Energy Solutions Center, on the night of a playoffs game, that's about how it felt. We were crammed in there tighter than sardines, but it was such a blast. We were pretty close to the stage, and it ended up being a really fun night. Lots of immature high school kids, (was I really THAT bad?) but what do ya expect?
I didn't get very many good pictures, because we couldn't use flash, and it was nearly impossible trying to hold my camera steady long enough for the shutter to stay open and not have it look like a giant swirl of blurry lights. The ground was thumping and I barely had enough room to raise my hand up above my head and just hope for a decent shot. Anyways, here's what we got:

Superbowl Party

Wow, I forgot how far behind I was until I was looking back at pictures and realized I hadn't posted about the Superbowl yet. Oh boy.

This year we had a party with all the friends at Jordan and Erin's house. We had a blast, (as usual) and ate A LOT! I told my friends I've gotta quit hanging around them all, because we always have an excuse for treats. :) The half time show was awesome (Black Eyed Peas and Usher) and I wasn't rooting for anybody in particular, but I was happy Green Bay won. I thought they deserved it. Also, I like yellow and green colors, so, that may have influenced my decision....:)
Here's some pics from the night.

Jacquie had never seen the photo booth application that comes on Macs. The one where it distorts your face, that everybody could spend hours in front of, and has like, a million goofy pictures of themself.
Not everyone? Just me? Oh. Okay.
Anyway, I don't know what was more entertaining, watching these two, or the game!

I think this is the sole reason we had the party at their house. So Tay could be reunited with this love of his life. He seriously talks about this chair more than anyone I know! It gives amazing massages and he's pretty much told me we're getting one one day. Lol.