Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lava Hot Springs

Holy moly, I am behind in blogging! It's been so crazy busy lately, but I'll work on catching up.
Over Labor day weekend, we went with my family up to Lava Hot Springs. I had never been there and heard lots of fun things about it so we decided to check it out. Danielle and Cody couldn't come, so it was just us and my parents and Kaylee.
The first day, Saturday, we floated down the river on tubes. It was FREEZING water, but so much fun that it didn't really matter. Poor Kaylee tipped over not once, but twice! But she was a good sport about it and just laughed it off, and I gotta say that nothing beats watching my mom try to jump back up on her tube. :o)

Next we walked around Pocatello and checked out some weird little shops. We spent a good half an hour in one of the last ones on account of their Magic Eye books. Tay and my dad were loving it, especially since I was getting frustrated that I couldn't do it.

But my spirits changed when we found the best little ice cream parlor in. the. world. They had SQUARE ice cream! And it was so creamy! Pretty sure I could drvie back up there right now just for that.

By the afternoon we were able to check into the hotel, so we decided to check out the pool. It had a neat waterfall, and a cute little sauna. Everytime we're around a pool, we go a little overboard with the pictures (gotta love having a waterproof camera) so I apologize.

That night was the first BYU game of the season, and my dad gets slightly crazy excited about it. Before coming up to Idaho, we had to call every little bar, sports grill, etc. to find somewhere that would have CBS College Sports channel and be showing the game. We finally found this little bar, which actually turned out to be really fun. And they had awesome fries. :o)

Kaylee got bored pretty quick...

Sunday we drove to Bear World! It was really cool and we got to see a lot of animals. You stay in your car and drive through while the bears can just walk around you. It's crazy seeing such HUGE animals so close! I could've reached out my window and pet them.

(Due to an overload of pictures, I'm going to skip pictures of goats, buffalo, deer, moose, and an albino elk. Those animals aren't as cool as the bear pictures.)

They had a little petting zoo at the end of the drive, and also some cute baby bears. We watched the babies forever, they were so adorable! Then fed some of the animals in the petting zoo. The pot belly pig was my favorite. :o) I told Tay our next pet should be a pig. Hee-hee.

After Bear World, we drove over to Crater National Park. It's where volanoes erupted years ago, and the lava tunneled through the ground and made all these caves. It was really cool to walk through them, and was really surprised with how cold it is down there.

This little crater is called the Sno-cone. It has snow in it 365 days a year, no matter how hot it gets outside.

Some of the caves had ice in them, and if it weren't pitch black down there, you could see you breath.

Our last day, Monday, we went and sat in the hot springs. It was really neat. There were lots of different pools, and the higher up the hill they went, the hotter the temperature.

This was the hottest pool. One hundred and fourteen degrees!! Made the 102 and 103 feel like bath water.

Next to the hot springs, there's a really fun pool. (Which we should've done first, because we were nice and warm and the pool felt freezing!) There were some awesome water slides and really high platforms to jump off of.

This was such a fun trip, and am so glad I have a fun family that we love to spend time with. Thanks for all the great memories! Love you guys! xo