Thursday, July 29, 2010

Permanent Eyeliner

For my birthday, Tay surprised me with something I have wanted for a long time. Permanent Eyeliner! I was so exited! My friend Erin that works at Mika's salon does it, so last week I made my appt. It turned out so good, I love it! It's thinned up a lot from these pictures, but I go in for a touch up after Powell and will get it thicker.



Monday, July 26, 2010

Meeka's Book

Here's the book we did for Mika. I think it turned out pretty darn cute, especially since we had less than 2 weeks to put it all together. Each girl has a page, and a space where we wrote a little message to Mika. Then we snuck some pics of Monica and Auzzie for some good memories.

Sleepover Party!

Last weekend we celebrated my birth celebration with all the girls! It was one of the most fun nights I've had in a long time! First, they took me to dinner to my favorite place. Training Table! Yay for cheese fries! Here are a few of our many pictures:

While there, we gave Mika a gift basket we had worked on for a couple weeks. We all contributed little somethings to put in it for her mom and Auzzie. It was so exciting giving it to her and she loved it! Brittney bought the basket and some cute ribbon, Sadie found a little book about puppies in heaven, Jacquie got a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, Erin got a cute puppy/guardian angel pendant and CD, Laurie made a pink blanket, Janessa found a Willow statue of an angel and some yummy treats, and I made a little book of pictures that we all signed. (I will post the pages on my next post)

After dinner, we stopped at the store to get some treats for our sleepover. What is a girls night without LOTS of treats?? Now that I look back, this picture makes my tummy hurt:

The rest of the night we talked, laughed, and laughed some more. It was fun getting to know my friends better and hear stories about everyone's pasts. Here's a fraction of what our night looked like:

Reaver taught us her Reaver face. Ooohhhhhhh!!

We attempted the self timer thing, and it sorta worked....

After eating all that junk food, we were feeling pretty bloated! Laurie teaches Zumba and showed us some moves. It was a blast! (And slightly uncoordinated at 2AM!)

We finally fell asleep around 4:30 after having ridiculous "half-conversations" with our eyes closed. Lol!

Thanks ladies for a fantastic night and LOTS of laughs! Nessa, we missed you and will do it again real soon so we can all play! xo

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Harley Re-cap

So I forgot to mention that right before we went camping, my office manager went all out and decorated my desk for my birfday. It was so cute, and I wanted to show off pictures!

Since I'm doing Weight Watchers, instead of a cake, she got me some cute 100 Calorie treats. I loved it!

Anyway, back to why I'm typing this...
I have a few pics of Harley I need to share. She's so ridiculous! I can't be around her and NOT have a camera handy. Everything she does makes us laugh, she is growing into quite the personality!
I bought her a dress. You either hate it or you love it. I love it. Taylor hates it. End of story. But she wears it, when he's not around to take it off. Lol.

She also loves car rides. She'll go and sit in front of the garage door, and we let her out, and she runs to the car. Sometimes I'll take her and we'll just sit in my car and jam to the radio for a minute. She just loves the car.

Last but not least, her new favorite toy: Toothbrushes!
We got back from camping and Tay left his bag on the ground. Well, she now carries his, now HER, toothbrush around everywhere! It's so funny. We had a girls night sleepover (which I will catch up on this weekend) and Harley tried stealing all the girls toothbrushes out of their bag. Luckily, she was only successful in Mika's. (Sorry Mika, I still owe you a new one!)

Anyway, Taylor and I have come to the conclusion that we are no longer spending lots and lots of money on expensive toys from PetSmart that she just shreds a day later, and from now on, just buying her a toothbrush from the dollar store. I raised her right. :o)