Thursday, April 29, 2010

San Diego!

Last weekend was a much needed girls trip to San Diego. My aunt LeeAnne had some buddy passes that were gonna expire and she also had some free Sea World passes so we decided at the last minute to go. The flight out was fun. I went with my aunt Nat, and it just happened to be the same flight that LeeAnne was working. So she hooked us up with lotsa free peanuts and a WHOLE can of Diet Coke. (We're pretty easy to please, got way excited, until Tay told me that ANYONE can request to get the whole can. Oh well.)

That first night (Friday) we went to an area called "Old Town." It was so cute, with a bunch of shops and restaurants. We ate yummy Mexican at a place called Fred's. We didn't actually get to meet Fred, which bummed me out a little, but it was still good food! Our waiter, however, DID have the IQ of about a 3 year old. (It's ok Alberto. No hard feelings.)

We walked around the little shops and there was this complete redneck store that was quite hilarious. I wanted to buy these:

Saturday was Sea World Day!! Here's a picture overload of our day:

My awesome Shamu ice cream!!

This guy was so funny! He was sleeping and kept drifting away from his rock, so he'd paddle with one little fin while still sleeping. We watched him forever!

Sunday was my grandma's birthday, so we surprised her a champagne brunch on a cruise ship. It was just a smaller ship, but it was an all you can eat buffet with yummy drinks and desserts. It took us through the harbor out by Cornado Island. They said a whale had actually found it's way up in the harbor a couple days before, but I didn't see it. :o( Oh well.

After brunch we went to Mission Beach. It was a little chilly and overcast, so I was kinda bummed. But it still felt good to play in the sand.

Monday we had to go home, but I got to meet up with my friend Sara for breakfast. She moved to Cali a couple months ago so it was good to see a familiar face.

Thanks San Diego, it was a blast. Next time, please be a little bit warmer. Thanks! xo

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Girly Stuff

As soon as I get off work today, I'm meeting my mom, grandma, and my aunts at our most favorite place in the world! Training Table!! We seriously all eat there like, one a week. None of us could never get sick of it. (Which is sick, I know!) Their cheese fries and dipping sauce are absolutely to die for!!

Wel are also gonna plan our very last minute girls trip to:

My aunt LeeAnne (who's a flight attendant) has some buddy passes that we're using to fly out to San Diego for the weekend and play. We have a very short to-do list, since it's a very short trip:

1. See the Shamu Show
2. Pet and/or feed a dolphin
3. Find a beach and get TAN!
4. Pig out on junk food
5. Try to fit in some Cali shopping!

San Diego, here we come! :o)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A-Age: 22 (and a half)
B-Bed size: Queen for now. REALLY need to get a king.
C-Chore I love: Probably organizing stuff (If you can call that a chore)
D-Dog's name: That's a long story... Aww Bentley
E-Essential start to my day: Kiss from Taylor :o)
F-Favorite colors: Yellow! And I like pink.
G-Gold or Silver: Silver
H-How many times have you been outside the USA: I think 3
I-Instruments I play: The piano, but it's been a while
J-Job title: Receptionist
K-Kids: Not for a few years. When we're ready, we want 2
L-Living arrangements: Just bought a house in South Jordan and LOVE it
M-Most popular dessert at my house: That's hard because Tay and I have total opposite taste! I love anything chocolate, especially ice cream. He'd rather a fruity smoothie
N-Number of times I have stayed overnight at the hospital: Just once when my appendix burst
O-Outdoor activity I have never tried, but would like to: White water rafting! And repelling.
P-Pet peeve: Too many to count. Haha. One that sticks out: Bad drivers!
Q-Quote from a movie: "HEY! There are skittles in there!"
R-Restaurant I could eat at everyday: Probably Training Table - except I'd get really fat!
S-Siblings: 3 - Cody, Danielle, and Kaylee
T- Time I wake up: Weekdays - 6:30 Weekends - 9 or 9:30
U-Unknown fact about me: I've been shot in the arm by a 9mm pistol
V-Veggies I dislike: Cauliflower
W-What is my dream vacation: Lots of places I wanna go! Some are Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia, and Paris
X-Xrays I have had: Just my teeth at the dentist
Y-Yummy food I make: I like Chicken Broccoli Cassarole and Tay likes my Enchiladas
Z-Zoo Favorite: Monkeys!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ok here goes. -Deep breath- Here's Bentley's little story:
This last weekend was a roller coaster! So bittersweet. It was one of the happiest days and saddest days of my life. I had to do probably the hardest thing I ever did.
It all started Friday night. I got off work, and went home to tell Tay that I had found some yorkie puppies I wanted to look at down in Orem. So we headed down there. Bentley was the first little puppy I picked up. She was the smallest and pick of the litter. Seriously, the cutest puppy I'd ever seen. Pictures really do no justice, She fit in the palm of your hand and was sooo snuggly! She nuzzled down in my chest and I seriously fell in love. Twenty minutes later we were heading back home with the cutest little addition to our family. We were sooo happy! We had to stop at the parents and the in-laws that night to show them. We stopped at Walmart and got the neccesities for her (kennell, puppy pads, food, etc.) and then some friends came over to see her. I couldn't stop smiling all night. She was just so cute and loved us so much. She slept great the first night and into the next morning. She slept a lot, but she was like a new born baby. We went Saturday to get her some toys and a collar and other things she would need. She was gonna be a spoiled little girl! And a daddy's girl. She had Tay wrapped around her, he cuddled with her all morning. Well Saturday evening was when it happened. She started acting funny, so we tried to get her to eat and drink. She wouldn't, so we tried putting karo syrup on her tongue. (That's what I read to do when they won't eat. Yorkies are at high risk for hypoglycemia (where their glucose levels get really low) and since she was so small she was at even bigger risk.) After I tried the syrup, she started moving really weird. She was arching her neck back and wouldn't stand up, so we rushed her to the pet hospital. We found out she had been having seizures and her blood sugar was scary low! (It's supposed to be 130-150 and it was 40!) They wanted to keep her overnight and keep an IV in her, but then she started eating from a syrenge. So we took her along with the prescription food, and had to hand feed her all night.
Sunday she was pretty much back to her normal self, except that she had really bad diarrhea from the wet food. Taylor and I were so worried about what was going to happen. It had only been 2 days, and we'd already spent $200 at the vet. How many more times was this going to happen? Also, what if while we were at work all day, she didn't eat? We could come home to some ugly stuff.
So we decided that we needed to do what was best for Bentley. We called the breeder we got her from and she agreed to nurse her back to health and then sell her to someone who could be with her all day, to make sure she got the nourishment she needed. We were seriously bawling all night long. The whole way down and the whole way back. Bentley kept looking up at me in the car on the way down to Orem, like, "Mom where we going?" :o(
The only thing that gave me a little comfort, was that when she got back with her mom and dad and brothers and sisters, she was so happy and ran around and played, and they were so happy she was back. So I know we did the right thing, for her and for us. It was just the hardest thing we've ever done, and it sure showed us we're no where near ready to have kids! In time we will get another puppy, but my dream puppy was always her. She was the perfect yorkie, but because of the health risks that come with, we will probably get a bigger dog.
I hope you remember me Bentley. I loved you sooo much and your new owner is so lucky! I'm never gonna forget you!! Thanks for the special times we did have together. I love you!!! xoxo

I look horrible in this one because I'd been crying. But I had to get a picture with my baby!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter!

I'm trying to get caught up to date here. Easter is one of my favorite holidays. (Well, I really love all holidays!) My mom and sisters went to St. George for spring break, so we spent this year with Taylor's fam. We went over for breakfast, where we had his mom's most delicious cinnamon rolls ever! (And she loads her eggs with cheese, they're amazing!!) They have some friends staying with them for a week from France that Tay's dad works with. So they got to spend Easter with our American customs. After breakfast Taylor went with his dad to take the French friends on a drive around SLC. Me and his mom stayed to cook dinner. Ham and funeral potatoes and rolls are probably my all time favorite meal! So we rolled out the dough (Yep! from scrath!) and baked all afternoon. Here's a picture of the rolls, but they really don't look half as good as they taste!!

When they got back, we ate dinner and then played Rock Band. It was quite entertaining watching everyone attempt that had never played before. Here's a couple of pictures:

Even more funny (to me) than Rock Band, was my niece Morgan, who was laying on her dad with her big belly poking out. She walks around with her back so arched all the time, it's the cutest thing.

Next we colored eggs. Something the French people had never done before. I think I was more excited than the kids!

Then it was time for dessert! Kim (Tay's sister) made strawberry pies!

While we were all eating pie, no one could find Carter. He had pulled out grandma's laptop, turned it on, opened the internet to google, and typed in a Hasbro Transformer game he plays. That kid is too dang smart, and he cracks us up.

Lastly, we sat in Tay's parents new hot tub. It's so nice! Great ending to a great day!

We had a great Easter, and I hope everyone else did too! Just gotta recover from all the peanut butter eggs I ate! :o)